About the Center for Population Science and Discovery Data Repository (CPSD-DR)

The CPSD-DR hosts publicly available datasets in a way that enables users to perform keyword searches across different data sources and create customizable, downloadable data extracts (carts). Anyone can search but registration is required in order to be able to create a data extract. To register, users must provide a valid email address and fill out a short questionnaire.

The CPSD-DR is primarily a resource for users who are interested in data availability and looking for information on areas of interest. Data curation is minimal. Searches are based on variable labels, which are often truncated versions of full descriptions so users are encouraged to utilize the links to the specific data sites and consult original documentation as much as possible. In addition, once variables have been identified, users are strongly encouraged to refer to original documentation in order to obtain important information on dataset-specific topics such as the study populations, study design, weighting variables and procedures, etc.

Adding Variables

Variables can be added by searching from the "Search" page, or browsing surveys from the "Surveys" Page. Survey pages have a list of associated files and variables from which you can add them to your cart. When you're ready to download you can use a checkout link or the "Cart" link in the navigation bar. Here you can add a name to the cart for easier future reference if desired, otherwise it will default to the current date. Hitting the "Process" button will begin to generate the data for the request. The results will be made available from the "Requests" tab when processing is completed, via the "Download" button. Other options on the Requests page allow you to delete the request, or add all the variables to a new cart so you can add or remove variables to create a new request.